3 Important Things To Consider When Buying A Snowboard

by Amy Garrett

If you enjoy extreme sports, snowboarding is a great activity to do. This activity gives you the chance to go fast and do novel tricks, but you will need the right board. In order to help you out with the board selection process, these things can be considered.


One of the most important things to consider is what size of board you are going to need. If you are just starting out, getting a shorter board is preferred. These boards are easier to turn, and they are generally lighter. This makes them easy to control when going down the mountain.

If you are a bigger person, or have a lot of experience snowboarding, opt for a longer board. These boards are a little more difficult to maneuver, but they go extremely fast. The sizing chart for snowboards usually goes from 90cm to 168cm.


The shape of your board is another critical thing to consider. If you are looking to go extremely fast down the mountain, a board with a directional shape is ideal. These boards are designed to be ridden in one direction. They are stiff in the tail and soft near the nose. This design helps the board remain stable when going fast.

A directional twin shape for your board is ideal if you want to go in both directions. It's a great board for freestyle, and the tip and tail are similar in size. A true twin shape is another good options for freestyle riding, as it lets you go in either direction. These boards feature a flex pattern with the tip and tail measuring the exact same.

Type of Terrain

Lastly, it's important to consider what type of terrain you are going to be snowboarding in. If you are going to be in snowy, rough conditions, an all-mountain snowboard is ideal These boards feature a rugged design, allowing them to hold up in extreme conditions.

If you are going to be snowboarding off the trails, a free-ride board is a smart choice. These boards have a directional shape, so they are meant to only go in one direction. When back-country snowboarding, split boards are great. They can split in half, making them easy to carry when climbing mountains and trails.

Snowboarding is a great activity to do, as it gives you the chance to go fast and do tricks in the air. In order to select the perfect snowboard, the things above can be considered. Talk to a snowboard shop like McU Sports for more information.