Why Lacrosse Might Become Your Kids' Favorite Sport

by Amy Garrett

Football, soccer, basketball . . . these are all popular sports amongst kids, but there's only one sport that combines the best qualities of all three. That sport is lacrosse, a traditional Native American game that's now becoming more mainstream. If your kids haven't yet picked up a lacrosse stick, you might want to buy one for them, as lacrosse could very well become their favorite sport. Here's why:

You can play it year round.

While many sports can only be played during one season in the year due to environmental constraints, lacrosse can be played year round. It comes in two forms that allow for both indoor and outdoor play. Traditional lacrosse takes place on an outdoor field, whereas box lacrosse takes place in a slightly smaller indoor field.

Being able to take the sport indoors in the winter is a huge benefit, as it allows your kids to have fun playing their sport while continuing to develop their skills. Many experts agree that kids who play box lacrosse tend to develop better decision-making and stick skills because of the faster tempo of the game.

It's extremely fast paced.

There's constant action on the lacrosse field, as players are continually running back and forth between attacking their opponent and defending their goal. No one can stand still, so this sport really appeals to all of those kids who have tons of energy to burn. While the majority of the attention goes to the player with the ball, every player has to maneuver themselves so they're in a strategic position. This position often changes every second of the game.

Soccer is a similarly fast-paced game, but the most obvious difference is that it relies heavily on a player's feet instead of his or her hands. Think about it . . . what kid wouldn't love running around with a stick? Another difference between the two sports is that a typical collegiate lacrosse game averages about 20 goals a game, which can be much more exciting for a young player than the handful of goals (if that) in most soccer games.

it's easy to start playing.

Unlike some other sports that require a lot of instruction before a kid can start playing, lacrosse is fairly easy to pick up. While the complete repertoire of rules takes a little bit of time to learn, the basic premise is very straightforward. A whole team of ten players can make for a complete experience, but a small group can also find plenty of competition amongst themselves.

The equipment is minimal, and fortunately for parents, it can often be picked up second-hand at sporting goods stores, such as Breakaway Lacrosse, for cheaper prices. Once a kid has some safety equipment, a good pair of shoes, a stick, and a ball, he or she is ready to go.

For all of these reasons, you should introduce your kids to this exciting game. You might want to pick up an extra stick for yourself, as you'll soon see how fun it is to be able to run around with your kids.