Tumbling For Toddlers

by Amy Garrett

If you are the parent of a toddler, and you are looking for a fun class to enroll them in, tumbling can be the answer. Tumbling classes offer several benefits while giving your child enjoyment each time they have a session. Here are some of the reasons why parents feel tumbling classes benefit their child and some of the reasons kids enjoy them, as well.

Helping With Weight Troubles

If you fear your child is gaining weight in excess or if there is a history of obesity in your family, a tumbling class can be a huge help. Taking classes a few times a week can aid in keeping unwanted weight from creeping onto your child's stature, helping them to stay healthy and active. Even if weight is not an issue, your child will benefit from a routine exercise program.

Boosting Self Esteem

There are many times that children are told they cannot do something because they are not old enough. This can become daunting to a child after a while, making them think they are not good enough to try different things. Tumbling is an activity that small children can participate in, making them feel good about themselves. Each time they learn a new activity, they will want to show it off to you and others with pride.

Making New Friends

Tumbling classes are often held in small groups of toddlers so that they are able to learn new skills together. Teachers will show the children new moves and how to do them properly, while making the classes fun to do with others. Often music will be used in the classes to help keep the children moving.

Skills are learned through repetition, but there are always new moves being shown as well so that the children do not lose interest. Children are encouraged to interact with each other while doing their routines, helping them to get over shyness and learn to work with others in a positive manner.

Thinking About The Future

Tumbling at a toddler age can lead to bigger endeavors as your child grows. Many children who get a start in tumbling will opt to move to other classes that use the fundamentals learned. Cheerleading and gymnastics are two sports that use tumbling as a portion of the routines the athlete will perform. When someone has prior tumbling experience, they will grasp the needed movements quicker than someone without knowledge in the field, helping them excel in the sport as a result.

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