New Technologies For Automating Boat Maintenance In And Out Of The Water

by Amy Garrett

Taking care of your boat can take a lot of work. It needs to be docked with a boat lift, hoisted up, cleaned, covered and secured. Fortunately, there are a number of new automated technologies available now that can make maintaining your boat much easier and more time efficient.

Automated Boat Lift Covers

Once you get your boat out of the water with a boat lift, the next step is usually bringing down the canopy by hand in order to fully protect the boat. Traditionally, this whole process was done by hand. This can often take a while to accomplish, and many people even get multiple partners to help do it in order to save time and make sure that it gets done right.

These days, however, there are automated systems that can do all of this for you. These can use hydraulic systems, or some can be rigged to be solar-powered since you can put solar panels on the area on the very top of the canopy. Once you have your boat in place and pulled it up with the lift, you only have to hit a button on a remote control to bring down the canopy cover.

It's important to fully cover your boat once it's in the lift. This is because UV rays can be harmful to the surface of the boat. Covering your boat also means that you don't have to keep applying anti-UV gel all the time. 

Contact a professional company, like Waterway Boat Lift Covers, for more information on boat-lift covers.

Hull Cleaning Robots

It can be a real pain to get at the bottom of a boat to clean it, especially if you don't have a lot of extra time to do it yourself. Bending into weird shapes to clean the odd angles of a boat's hull can also be tricky for humans.

Robots, however, don't have this problem. You can get automated robots these days of different types that can do the whole job with automated servos, for example. One type of system lets you tug your boat through an automated bay that's just like a car wash, except for boats. This is possible because of new computerized and materials science technology.

Essentially, the system can automatically adapt itself to the contours of specific boats because of breakthroughs in the system's ability to analyze the boat's profile and then instruct its special corrosion and heat-resistant brushes in how to clean the vessel. This merger of technology can potentially save boat owners hours of labor.