2 Reasons That Your New Pool Should Be Drainless

by Amy Garrett

As a homeowner, you are undoubtedly concerned about the cost and safety of a new swimming pool installation. Fortunately, both of these factors are also of concern to both manufacturers and dealers. As a result, it is a good idea to become familiar with the drainless pool before choosing your new pool and arranging its installation.

It is also important to remember that the description "drainless pool" is inaccurate. The alleged drain is actually the first step of the cleaning process, as it removes dirty water from the pool. In the modern pool, many experts believe that a drain is simply not necessary because there are accessories that can more safely and efficiently do that job.    

The Drainless Pool Uses Extra Skimmers in Lieu of the Standard Main Drain

The standard main drain on pools is often considered to be unsafe due to the possibility of swimmers, their clothing, jewelry, or body parts becoming sucked into the powerful drain. Any of those could result in serious injuries or death.     

The drainless pool works by using extra skimmers and an additional suction point to circulate and clean the water. Its presence and use renders the main drain in a standard pool pointless. You will need to make sure that the water from rarely used parts of the pool and the water on the bottom is regularly moved around and upward, so that the skimmers can do their job.     

It may be surprising to discover that in both Scandinavia and Australia, it is illegal to build public pools that have drains. Sadly, most places in the United States and throughout the rest of North America have not yet made that leap, but it is increasingly common to do so. 

A Drainless Pool Is More Energy Efficient

With a drainless pool, you can continue to use the same size pump for your new pool and you will be able to both see and feel the main drain on a built-in swimming pool suck in water. However, it may often seem as if the drain sucks in energy and money as well, due to the size of the drain and its almost constant use. 

By extension, it only makes sense that by not using that drain, you will be saving energy. Of course, not using energy means that being able to clean and use your pool will be much less expensive. 

In conclusion, a drainless swimming pool is an ideal way to make your home safer and to save money on its ongoing expenses. As a result, before you go forward with a new swimming pool installation, it will be helpful to talk with your dealer about getting a drainless one.