Seven Good Reasons For Choosing A Boat With An Outboard Motor

by Amy Garrett

If you're in the market for a boat this season, you're likely debating whether to choose a craft with an inboard or outboard motor. While both have their advantages, there are number of good reasons to opt for a boat with an outboard motor, not the left of which is the lower price.

Advantages to an outboard boat motor

1. Price. Boats with outboard motors are often less expensive than comparable craft with inboard motors.

2. Easy maintenance. Because all parts of an outboard motor are exposed, this type of engine is easier to reach for maintenance and repairs than a built-in motor. If you have a boat shop perform your maintenance and repairs, that generally translates into less time required for the task and, thus, less labor costs.

3. Lower emissions. Outboard motors are generally considered to be more fuel efficient and to generate lower emissions, particularly at low speeds, according to Boating Magazine.

4. Takes up less space in the boat. An outboard motor sits off the back of the boat and, thus, takes up less valuable real estate within the cabin of the boat. Boats with outboards motors can usually seat more passengers than those with inboard motors.

5. Safer to run in cold winter. An additional benefit of choosing a boat with an outboard motor is that this type of boat is much less likely to be damaged in cold winter. An outboard motor's antifreeze system naturally drains after each use, so you won't have to worry about the motor freezing from excess moisture being left behind.

6. Easy handling. Boats with outboard motors are much easier to handle than those with inboard motors. Since the direction of the boat is directly affected by the angle of the engine, the correction in the degree of travel is instantaneous with an outboard motor. This is especially apparent when backing up the craft.

7. Portability. Depending on its size, an outboard motor can be detached from the boat for winter storage and to take in for maintenance and repairs, something that's impossible with an inboard motor. This can help you save money on your winter storage costs, depending on the severity of winters in your area.

While a boat with an outboard motor isn't necessarily the right choice for every boating enthusiast, this type of boat is generally easier on your budget, easier to work on, more fuel efficient and roomier. It certainly bears consideration. Talk to a dealer, like All Seasons Honda & Peninsula Ski-Doo, for more help.