2 Features To Consider When Buying A New Boat

by Amy Garrett

Buying a new boat can be a very exciting experience, but it can also be quite difficult as well when you consider just how many different styles and features are available when buying a boat. Listed below are two features to consider when buying a new boat in order to help you narrow down your choices a bit.

Center Console

One of the best features that you can consider when buying a new boat is a boat that has the control console located in the center of the boat. A major reason that a center console is such a great feature for a boat is that it can provide you with clear visibility on all sides of the boat, which is very important when it comes to spotting objects in the water that could pose a danger to your boat or passengers if you were to get too close to it or strike it with the boat. When the console of a boat is set to one side of the boat, it can often limit visibility on the opposite side of the boat. 

A center console is also a good choice from a safety perspective as it provides equal weight distribution to all sections of the boat. This makes a center console boat easier to handle and harder to capsize. 

Secure Storage Compartments

Another feature to consider when buying a new boat is the inclusion of multiple secure storage compartments. While it may be a bit less expensive to opt for a smaller boat that does not have a lot of secure storage space, the lack of storage compartments can become a major hassle in the future.

For example, if you do not have a lot of storage on your boat, then you will have to unload all of your fishing gear, safety gear, and other items every single time that you put your boat away. However, if you have sufficient secure storage compartments on the boat itself, you can simply leave those items in place without having to worry about them being exposed to the elements or potential thieves. In addition, you will be able to quickly get your boat and get onto the water as quickly as possible as you will not have to take the time to track down and load all of your gear before leaving. It will already be in place and ready to go.

Drop by your local boat dealer like Boater's Landing in order to discuss which features the dealer would recommend for your particular needs. A center console and secure storage compartments are both great features to look for on your next boat.