Considerations For Hunting And Using Deer Stands

by Amy Garrett

Did you recently start deer hunting? Perhaps you are slowly delving into the sport. You may consider yourself a novice at this point, but as time goes on, you will develop skills that can make you proud to call yourself an advanced hunter or sportsman. One thing that you need to strongly consider is whether you will be implementing a deer stand strategy into your hunting. The following are a few tips to keep in mind about using deer stands in your hunting experiences. 

Why do hunters use stands to hunt deer?

Using a stand to hunt can be considered as a perk or advantage. It can allow hunters to have a better visual of animal movements. Deer depend on scents to determine potentially dangerous areas. By hunting from a stand, your scent will likely be less distinguishable. This means that deer may travel closer to the stand, which will give you a better aim. If deer detect human scents, they will likely avoid the areas their instincts deem as dangerous. 

Why are there different types of stands, and which type is best?

Stands are constructed and suited for hunting based on the type of weapon used during hunting. This means that some stands are better suited for rifle use and other stands are a good choice for archery. It will be noted on the stand packaging or in product descriptions. There are some stands that are appropriate for both types of hunting, and these would be a good fit if you switch between weaponry. You might also benefit from a multi-purpose deer stand if you have future plans of learning an alternate hunting technique. 

Are there any situations or physical conditions that warrant not using a deer stand?

Deer stands are elevated above the ground. This means that there is a possibility of slip and fall injuries occurring. Do not use deer stands if you are fatigued or intoxicated. You should also aim to use a stand when there will be other people hunting nearby or have a hunting buddy with you. This means that someone would be available to go and seek help if needed. Stands have weight limits, so you should ensure that the stand you choose can accommodate the body weight, hunting equipment, and accessories used on the stand. Inspect deer stands before using them to ensure that all components are in good shape. Compromised parts could result in a stand giving out in the wild. A harness can be used for extra protection

You may benefit from choosing a hunting ranch for your deer hunting adventures. This will aid in ensuring that your hunting trips have safety backup personnel in close proximity if a deer stand-related accident occurs. These types of venues may also offer perks such as photographs of your hunting experiences.