Important Things That You Will Learn By Taking A CCW Class

by Amy Garrett

Depending on the laws of your state, you may wish to pursue getting your license to carry a concealed firearm. Even if taking a class prior to getting your license isn't mandatory, it's still a good investment of your time and money. By finding a CCW class in your city, such as at Razorback Armory, you'll learn a wealth of information about the process of carrying a weapon in a concealed manner. Although you'll eventually gain experience in a variety of ways as you carry the weapon, learning several lessons in the classroom will help you to be responsible about the decision that you're making. Here are some important things that you'll learn in your CCW class.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Different Holsters

Other than your firearm, an important purchase that you'll be making is your holster. When it comes to carrying a firearm in a concealed manner, there are a number of different holster styles on the market. Your class will go over many of these styles and talk about the pros and cons of each; this can help you to decide the right one for you without buying a holster and then deciding it doesn't suit your needs. For example, a shoulder holster is ideal if you often wear a jacket, but won't be practical if you live in a climate in which a jacket is unnecessary.

Choosing Your Firearm

It's easy to end up buying the wrong firearm for your needs. For example, you may be enticed to buy a large-caliber firearm because of its appearance, without realizing that such a weapon would be bulky and cumbersome to carry in a concealed manner. You can count on your CCW class instructor talking about the various calibers and styles of firearms that are ideal for carrying. For example, a smaller pistol, such as a .22, can often be ideal for people who hold a CCW license, as this pistol can be hidden on the body in a number of locations.

Protecting Yourself

Some people may not truly think about the importance of the decision to use deadly force. This will be a key discussion in your CCW class. Having your CCW license and carrying a firearm is a serious responsibility. Your instructor will use different examples to illustrate scenarios in which it's acceptable to draw your firearm to protect yourself or someone else, as well as other scenarios in which drawing your firearm could lead to legal problems for you.