3 Types Of Bass Baits And Advantages Of Each

by Amy Garrett

If you're an angler who has never been bass fishing before, or maybe you'd like to increase your chances of catching more bass when you're out fishing, there are certain types of bait that can help make either situation possible. Here are three types of bass baits and advantages of each. 


This heavy, lead-headed bait has a single hook to which you can add a trailer or skirt in order to better attract fish. Jigs can be used with a variety of fishing techniques including using the jig as drop bait, or as a casting lure. Some of the advantages jigs have to offer when it comes to bass fishing include: 

  • Can be used all year round in both cooler and warmer water 
  • Can be used where there is grass, wood, and rocks in the water
  • Come in a variety of different weights and sizes 

Jigs flow smoothly through the water which also enables them to be used as swimming baitfish. Using light colors in clear water and darker colors in murky water work best.


This type of fishing lure was designed specifically to attract fish by imitating them. For example, one type of swimbait called paddle tail lures, are made out of rubber and appear to swim when the tail flutters. Custom swimbaits often include a lot of detail so that they can be made to look even more lifelike. Some advantages this type of bass bait has to offer include:

  • Can be used in both fresh water and salt water
  • Offer a low mortality rate for fish due to being caught on outer area of mouth
  • Scents and ornaments not needed in order to catch fish

When it comes to catching big bass, this type of bait is extremely successful. 


These types of lures combine many different characteristics that are found on all sorts of bass lures. One defining characteristic is their slenderness. They come in three different densities including: floating, suspending, and fast sinking. Some of the advantages this type of bait has to offer include: 

  • Can be used effectively year round
  • Can be used in a wide variety of scenarios and elements
  • Work great with a little or a lot of chop on the surface

Jerkbaits are known for being high floaters but can grab a fish's attention when underwater. 

Whether you decide to go with a jig, swimbait, or jerkbait, chances are you will be successful at catching bass.