Steps For Saving Money When You Attend A Sporting Event With Your Family

by Amy Garrett

Attending a professional sporting event with your family is an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon or weekend. It's important, however, that you take steps to ensure that this outing doesn't exceed your budget. Fortunately, there are a number of different ways that you can save money at sporting events, beyond things such as buying the cheapest tickets and eating at home before you leave. Spending money can be part of the overall experience, and keeping these tips in mind will ensure that you have a memorable time while staying on budget.

Buy "Family Zone" Tickets

Many sporting venues for a variety of sports sell tickets geared toward making the event affordable for families. Instead of buying the required number of tickets and then spending additional money on food, you may be able to find that the venue has a "family zone." Promotions of this nature are popular in professional sports — for example, for a specific set price, you'll get four tickets, four drinks, and four hot dogs. If you have two children and two adults attending the event, this is an ideal package. Typically, these packages are priced to provide considerable cost savings compared to buying the tickets and food separately.

Inquire About Free Tickets For Young Athletes

If you have children who are active in youth sports in your community, it may be possible to get free tickets to the professional sporting event. Many teams give countless tickets away throughout the season to youth teams. Although you and your spouse may have to buy tickets separately, at least your children will get into the event for free. There might be a nice bonus, too — youth sports teams will often be recognized by the team with a display on the video board during a break in the action.

Get Dropped Off Instead Of Park

You can cut down on the expense of this family outing by avoiding having to pay for parking. A simple way to do so is to have another family member drop you off at the venue, and then pick you up afterward. For example, if your spouse isn't interested in the event but you're taking your children, he or she can drive everyone to the venue, drop you off and then go home or go run errands. This simple approach can save you on parking costs, which you might wish to use toward some souvenirs for your children.

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