Dos And Don'ts For Watching Your First Golf Tournament

by Amy Garrett

Do you plan on watching the Masters Hospitality- golf tournament in the near future? Are you simply a fan of sports in general? No matter the case, there are a few things you need to know in the event that you intend to become a golf spectator. It might seem like common sense now, but there is actually a lot to know about watching golf. These tips will help you avoid potential disruption of a match or even embarrassment.

Do your best to be quiet during play.

When the golfer is about to strike, you do not want to make any sound. In fact, you are likely to be asked to leave if you are making more noise than is deemed acceptable. Of course, there is also more to this. Make sure that you do not make sudden movements that could also disturb the golfers. Additionally, make sure you are not using your cell phone during the tournament -- even if you think you are doing so quietly.

Don't leave the green until all golfers have played.

It is poor etiquette to begin leaving the green before all golfers have completed their turns. Do make sure you wait until it is acceptable to begin moving to the next tee.

Do pay close attention to the club's rules.

Simply because a rule is not common etiquette does not mean that it is not valid. Each golf club has its own rules for tournaments, including dress codes. Ensure that you meet all guidelines to avoid disrupting a tournament. Many clubs do not allow photos during the tournament, for example. It is always wise to ask first.

Do cheer as appropriate.

It is a myth that you are not allowed to applaud or cheer at a golf tournament. The rule is that you should only do so moderately. It is a good gauge to look at others and see how they respond to a good shot.You certainly do not want to be shouting.

Do dress accordingly.

Most important is shoes. You do not want to wear shoes with spikes that will disrupt the golf course and cause damage. Sneakers are a safe choice.

A golf tournament can be plenty of fun, even if you do not typically consider yourself a golf fan. In following these dos and don'ts, you will find yourself enjoying the Masters tournament or any other event you choose to attend.