How To Keep Off The Pounds During The Harsh Winter

by Amy Garrett

One of the biggest challenges for people who want to stay fit during the winter is the difficulty in exercising when it's so cold and harsh out. If you were someone who liked to go jogging, or perhaps you were someone who liked to take your mountain bike out and ride the trails. All of these things are not feasible or are at best difficult to perform during the colder part of the year when the snow is falling and the roads and streets are in bad shape. Even if you feel comfortable to get out on the street and jog or bike, you are going to be hit with some really cold weather which can make breathing difficult and exercising troublesome. So, many people end up slacking off and not working out. However, there are some alternatives, and the ideas below will help you out.

Indoor Cycling Class

Riding your bike on the streets might not be possible during the winter, which is why you should check out an indoor cycling class. These are great because you will get the same excellent cardio workout without having to risk sliding on a frozen street. You can find a class where there is an instructor who guides a group through a really fun workout. These can include video screens which mimic riding on a mountainous terrain, or they might be a dark room with lots of fun lights.

Indoor Swimming Class

Swimming outside can be fun, but it is also not something you can do year-round. This is why it's a great idea to find a gym where you can swim in an indoor heated pool. These are great for people who want to do laps. This is a fantastic non-impact exercise alternative to something such as jogging or weight lifting. You can often times find these in the same gyms that offer indoor cycling class. You can mix it up and ride in the morning and then do laps at night.

An Indoor Winter Fitness Coach

One very cool thing you can incorporate into your winter fitness schedule is to hire a winter fitness coach. These people can be very helpful when it comes to figuring out what exactly you should be doing to maintain your physique. They might mix in a combination of indoor cycling as well as weight training. They can help you figure out how much cardio you need as opposed to resistance training to preserve muscle while burning off calories.