Why Cannabis Is A Good Choice For The Touring Musician

by Amy Garrett

Being a touring musician might be the culmination of working hard toward a career in music for most of your life, and while many people will view this situation as glamorous, the reality is that it has its challenges. If you're someone who plays music for a living and frequently travels from town to town, you know of the struggles that are a part of your everyday life. It may be worthwhile to visit a recreational dispensary to pick up some products — CBD tincture, for example — that can benefit you in your situation. Here are some reasons that cannabis can be a good choice for a touring musician.

Coming Down After Playing

Performing to a crowd gets your adrenaline pumping, but once the lights go off, it's time to rest. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to "flip a switch" that takes you from being energized to calm in a short amount of time. Many touring musicians struggle in this area, which is why it can be tempting to drink alcohol as a way of mellowing out after a gig. Doing so has short- and long-term health consequences, however, so it's often better to consume some cannabis. This natural substance promotes relaxation, which can be exactly what you need after an adrenaline-packed show

As A Sleeping Aid

When you're a touring musician, you'll often find yourself sleeping in less-than-optimal environments. Many musicians need to sleep in their vans and buses when they're starting out, and you may occasionally crash in a budget motel, too. It's often difficult to sleep in environments that are constantly changing, and some people struggle with getting used to sleeping in a van or a bus. You can't afford constant fatigue to get in the way of your playing, so consuming cannabis before it's time to sleep or nap can help you.

Dealing With Aches

The average person may not know that being a touring musician has its share of aches and pains. If you're a lead singer, your constant movement on the stage can lead to sore knees over time. If you're a drummer, the repetitive strain of playing your instrument on your elbows and shoulders can leave you sore and potentially in a position in which it's difficult to perform. Cannabis has value as a pain reducer, and you may find that consuming some daily helps you to keep these threatening aches and pains at bay.