Keys To Creating A Successful YouTube Channel To Market Your Cannabis Dispensary

by Amy Garrett

One of the best ways that any company can market itself on the internet today is through a YouTube channel. Given that many people spend time on this video site daily, you have a significant ability to reach prospective customers. If you're looking to market your new cannabis dispensary, a YouTube channel can pay dividends. While you'll certainly want to be cognizant of YouTube's terms of service and ensure that you don't do anything that isn't in agreement with these rules, you can use a series of regular videos to hopefully encourage people to check out your dispensary's website. Here are some keys to building a successful channel.

Teach People

People often turn to YouTube to either be informed or entertained and while there's value in presenting your information in an entertaining manner, you want your channel to be educational. Keep your videos short and focus on a wide range of topics. For example, you might provide videos on five different ways to take cannabis for medicinal purposes or look at the common ailments that people have that cannabis can successfully treat. You may also want to identify some facts and myths about cannabis use and give people tips on how to store their cannabis before they use it.

Answer Peoples' Questions

Question-and-answer videos are highly popular on YouTube. When someone submits a question to you, he or she will often look for the next Q-and-A video to see if you've answered the question. This generates engagement among your audience. It's a good idea to have a regular Q-and-A series — perhaps one video a month, depending on how often you're uploading other videos. Answering common questions boosts the value of your videos from a marketing perspective and may get your viewers sharing them on social media.

Don't Constantly Promote Yourself

Many companies make the mistake of launching YouTube channels as marketing tools but being overly promotional. This approach can turn viewers away, as they can feel as though they're constantly watching advertisements for your business. Try to minimize your self-promotion. For example, you might want to simply have your dispensary's URL listed at the end of the video or in the lower corner throughout the video. People will then know where to visit if they want to buy any products that you mention, but they'll feel as though they're making the decision to shop — rather than you constantly pushing your brand at them. Talk with a dispensary marketing company like Foottraffik if you have any other questions about marketing.