These Additions Will Make Your Pro Football Home-And-Away Package Even More Exciting

by Amy Garrett

If you're an avid National Football League fan and the Dallas Cowboys are your team, you might struggle to think of something better than attending as many of the team's home games as you can. One idea that you might not yet have considered, however, is buying a ticket package that will allow you to see the Cowboys both at home and on the road. There are many options that you can consider so you'll have the option to choose to see your team against a nearby opponent, which makes travel easy, or perhaps against a historic rival, which gives you the chance to travel across the country. When you're evaluating different home-and-away ticket packages, look for one that has these additional perks.

Stadium Tours

Some home-and-away ticket packages include a stadium tour in each location that you visit, which can be appealing. Touring professional football stadiums is highly thrilling; you get a chance to go behind the scenes and see places that you'd never otherwise experience. This can include visits to the stadium's luxury suites, locker rooms, weight rooms, and even the edge of the field on a non-game day. As a Cowboys fan, touring the home stadium will especially be appealing, but it's also exciting to tour any other venue that you visit.


Tailgating is a central part of the football experience, so it's ideal if you can include tailgating in your home-and-away ticket package. Many ticket packages include a tailgating component, so you'll arrive at the stadium, proceed to a specific area outside of the venue, and get to enjoy food, drinks, and games while you wait for the event to begin. Tailgating isn't just about enjoying tasty food — it also gives you a chance to connect with other football fans and get excited about the upcoming game.

Special Guests

If you're able to find a home-and-away ticket package that includes a meet-and-greet event with one or more special guests, this is an option to heavily consider. This package feature gives you a chance to meet a football player — often a retired one, given that present-day players will be getting ready for the game. You'll have a chance to take photos with the player, get his autograph on a photo, football, or jersey, and maybe even get a chance to enjoy a bite of food and a drink with him at your tailgating event.

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