3 Factors To Consider When Buying 9mm Ammunition

by Amy Garrett

Having a firearm for personal protection is only beneficial when you have access to a ready supply of ammunition. Bulk ammo purchases can help you build your cache so that you have bullets when you need them in the future.

The last thing you want to do is invest in a bulk order of the wrong ammo. If you are in the market for 9mm ammunition, there are some important considerations to keep in mind before you finalize your purchase.

1. Weight

The ammunition that is manufactured for a 9mm gun comes in a wide range of weights. Typically measured in grains, weight can have a direct impact on the way a bullet performs.

A heavier bullet will be better equipped to penetrate tough materials. The downside to a heavier bullet is that the amount of recoil generated will be higher than with a lighter bullet.

You will need to consider the ways in which you use your 9mm gun before you purchase your ammo in bulk. Evaluating your intended use can help you decide between a heavier or a lighter bullet.

2. Velocity

Another important factor that should be considered when selecting ammunition is velocity. Velocity is essentially a measure of the rate at which a bullet moves through the air after being fired.

A bullet with a higher velocity tends to be more accurate. This is due to the fact that the faster a bullet moves, the less likely it is to tumble and shift course before hitting its target. High-velocity ammunition is the perfect choice for anyone who engages in long-distance shooting.

Velocity is measured in feet-per-second, and you can find this measurement listed on the label of any ammunition box. 

3. Cost

Buying your ammunition in bulk tends to be more affordable than purchasing single boxes of bullets. Despite the bulk savings discount you will receive, the cost of bulk 9mm ammo can vary.

You will need to evaluate your budget to determine how much you want to spend on your ammunition purchase. Cost will vary based on the manufacturer, retail source, and the number of bullets purchased.

Be sure that you evaluate ammunition from several different sources to find the most affordable bulk ammo available in your market.

A gun without ammunition is useless. Buy your ammo in bulk to ensure you always have access to the quality bullets needed to fire your 9mm firearm. Talk to a manufacturer to find 9mm Luger ammunition for sale in bulk.