A Leotard For Your Youth Gymnast

by Amy Garrett

Comfort and style are two attributes that you may want your daughter's leotard to possess. If this is your adolescent's first time participating in a structured gymnastics class, consider the types of equipment that they will be using and the instructor's teaching style. This information will help you choose a leotard material and design that will work best for your child.

A Fabric Type And Cut

Floor exercises and the use of equipment may affect how much the leotard fabric and the mats or equipment come into contact with the fabric. The intensity of each class session will also have a bearing on how thick you may want the leotard fabric to be. Pilling can occur when a lot of friction is caused between a leotard and a firm surface.

Shop for a leotard that is made out of durable fabric. Choose a garment that contains a minimal amount of stitch lines. Outfits that contain many thin strips that have been sewn together are more likely to fray, especially if strenuous workouts are going to be conducted on a routine basis and the same garment will be worn during each one.

Look for stretchy fabrics that are form-fitting. Avoid selecting a garment that contains metallic and lace fabrics. These materials will be more rigid than spandex or lycra and, therefore, will be more prone to ripping. Think about your daughter's clothing style and choose a leotard that will provide her with adequate coverage. Materials that contain wicking will absorb sweat. This type of garment will be suitable for low and high-intensity gymnastic sessions.

A Design

The gymnastics instructor will have an objective that is outlined when the class sessions begin. If your child will be participating in a school gymnastics class, you may want to shop for a modest garment that features the colors of the school or a simple design. If there will be competitions eventually or live performances that will highlight what each of the gymnasts has learned, you may want to shop for a flashier style leotard.

If there will be limited occasions that involve participating in front of a live audience, purchase a basic leotard for practice sessions and a fancier one for live competitions or performances. Purchase garments that are the same size or one size larger than the street clothes that your daughter wears. The cut and stretchiness of a leotard will help you determine if a garment will fit your child.

Keep these tips in mind as you begin looking for gymnastics leotards