Considering A Vacation On The Water With Your Family Or Friends

by Amy Garrett

A yacht charter can be a great way to spend time cruising in the Caribbean or somewhere in Europe as a family. The mobility that a yacht offers is often unparalleled and allows you to go and see things that you could not just drive to, but if you are considering a yacht charter for your next getaway, you will need to plan to book your dates in advance. 

Choosing Your Charter

When considering a yacht charter for your next vacation, you need to decide where you want to go and how long you want the charter to be. Many times you will be able to select short trips that last a weekend or longer ones that last for several weeks. 

The time you want to spend on the water may mean booking your charter far in advance if you are looking at the busy season for the charter company, so take some time to call and ask questions to get some idea what the best time to book a vacation is. If you want to cruise in the busy season, you may need to call several yacht charter companies to find one with what you are looking for during your preferred time frame.

Yacht Sizes And Iternary

A yacht charter can include the entire boat you and your family charter and use for the time you are on vacation or a group charter on a large yacht that accommodates many people sharing the cruise. In both cases, the vessel typically comes with a crew to pilot it and maintain the boat while you are underway. 

If you want to take a cruise to some destinations around a specific area, the group trips can be more affordable, and you will have your own staterooms on a yacht large enough, so you are comfortable. This can be an excellent option for a family that wants to take a trip together and include friends or extended family on the same journey. 

If your yacht charter is limited to only your family, the craft's size will likely be smaller but still have a captain and some crew included. You can rent some boats on your own, but they are typically not as nice as a yacht and would be considered a rental, not a charter. 

Often larger yachts will come with pools, saunas, and hot tubs that you can use. Many also have dedicated dining areas, observation decks for enjoying the sites while underway, and many different amenities for you to enjoy. If there are ports that you want to stop at, let the charter company know when you are booking so they can arrange it, especially if you are cruising on a large boat that requires an oversize slip to dock in.