Waterfowl Hunting Shirts That Perform

by Amy Garrett

Bamboo fabric blends pair style with comfort. A waterfowl shirt that contains a bamboo and cotton blend will provide protection from the sun, offer breathability, and block foul odors. Purchase a performance shirt that contains a bamboo and cotton blend to wear on your next waterfowl hunting excursion.

Natural Textiles

Bamboo and cotton plants are used to create natural textiles that are snug and stylish. A clothier who manufactures garments designed to be worn during recreational activities may focus on the sun protection and wicking properties that a fabric blend will possess. Sun protection attributes and dry weave technology will ensure that a garment will be suitable to wear on an all-day hunting trip.

The manufacturing process may involve using neutral colors to dye fabrics. Neutral colors may be used to add a solid color to a bolt of fabric or to add a pattern to one. Brown and green tones are naturally found in the environment. These dye colors will blend in with a hunter's surroundings and help conceal a hunter's presence as they are attempting to track waterfowl.

Roomy Cuts And Structured Products

A waterfowl hunting shirt that has a roomy cut is suited for someone who will be very active during their hunting sessions. If a hunter will be climbing into a tree stand or traversing rough terrain, a nonrestrictive garment will allow full mobility. A manufacturer of performance products may feature long and short-sleeved garments that are suitable for varying types of weather. Structured products will provide a more tailored look. A structured shirt may be tapered and contain sleeves and a hemline that have been carefully stitched.

Custom Shirts

Custom products may contain hand stitching, decals, and other unique features. A manufacturer may advertise a series of plain shirts. A customer can select from the shirt styles. Upon choosing the cut and size of a garment, a customer can request to have stitchery or another custom feature added to the shirt. A custom waterfowl hunting shirt will make a nice gift for an avid outdoorsman.

A shirt can have a hunter's name printed on it or can have a picture added to it that corresponds to a particular hunting activity. Plain and custom waterfowl hunting shirts can be worn with regular hunting pants, jackets, and accessories. Some products may contain a removable liner and a waterproof outer cover. A garment like this will be suited for use in wet and dry climates.

For more information about purchasing a waterfowl hunting shirt, contact a local store.