• Why Cannabis Is A Good Choice For The Touring Musician

    21 March 2019

    Being a touring musician might be the culmination of working hard toward a career in music for most of your life, and while many people will view this situation as glamorous, the reality is that it has its challenges. If you're someone who plays music for a living and frequently travels from town to town, you know of the struggles that are a part of your everyday life. It may be worthwhile to visit a recreational dispensary to pick up some products — CBD tincture, for example — that can benefit you in your situation.

  • 3 Things To Do After You Find A Birthday Venue For Your Child's Party

    14 March 2019

    If your child has an upcoming birthday, one way to celebrate their special day is to host their party at kid's birthday party venue. Once you've found a venue that fits your budget and satisfies your child's interests, you may wonder what other tasks you should add to your to-do list to prepare a terrific party. Here are a few things you need to do after you find the perfect party venue.

  • How To Keep Off The Pounds During The Harsh Winter

    4 December 2018

    One of the biggest challenges for people who want to stay fit during the winter is the difficulty in exercising when it's so cold and harsh out. If you were someone who liked to go jogging, or perhaps you were someone who liked to take your mountain bike out and ride the trails. All of these things are not feasible or are at best difficult to perform during the colder part of the year when the snow is falling and the roads and streets are in bad shape.

  • Dos And Don'ts For Watching Your First Golf Tournament

    21 May 2017

    Do you plan on watching the Masters Hospitality- golf tournament in the near future? Are you simply a fan of sports in general? No matter the case, there are a few things you need to know in the event that you intend to become a golf spectator. It might seem like common sense now, but there is actually a lot to know about watching golf. These tips will help you avoid potential disruption of a match or even embarrassment.

  • Steps For Saving Money When You Attend A Sporting Event With Your Family

    3 February 2017

    Attending a professional sporting event with your family is an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon or weekend. It's important, however, that you take steps to ensure that this outing doesn't exceed your budget. Fortunately, there are a number of different ways that you can save money at sporting events, beyond things such as buying the cheapest tickets and eating at home before you leave. Spending money can be part of the overall experience, and keeping these tips in mind will ensure that you have a memorable time while staying on budget.

  • 3 Types Of Bass Baits And Advantages Of Each

    16 December 2016

    If you're an angler who has never been bass fishing before, or maybe you'd like to increase your chances of catching more bass when you're out fishing, there are certain types of bait that can help make either situation possible. Here are three types of bass baits and advantages of each.  Jigs This heavy, lead-headed bait has a single hook to which you can add a trailer or skirt in order to better attract fish.

  • Important Things That You Will Learn By Taking A CCW Class

    7 December 2016

    Depending on the laws of your state, you may wish to pursue getting your license to carry a concealed firearm. Even if taking a class prior to getting your license isn't mandatory, it's still a good investment of your time and money. By finding a CCW class in your city, such as at Razorback Armory, you'll learn a wealth of information about the process of carrying a weapon in a concealed manner.