• 2 Reasons To Enroll In An Archery Class

    12 August 2016

    If you are looking into picking up a new hobby that is both a ton of fun, but also involves quite a bit of dedication, you should look into taking an archery class. Learning to use a bow is definitely something that can benefit you a great deal, and it is an awesome skill to have for quite a few reasons. This article will discuss 2 reasons to enroll in an archery class.

  • The Design And Styling Of A Great Inflatable Whitewater Raft

    6 July 2016

    Inflatable whitewater rafts are lightweight and portable and offer an exciting way of boating down a rushing river. Inflatable rafts can vary greatly in their design, size, style and components. If you are considering the purchase of an inflatable whitewater raft, look for one with high-quality quality components that will allow it to have the maximum amount of speed and maneuverability as it floats through the water. Here are some high-quality components and designs to look for when selecting an inflatable whitewater raft: 

  • 3 Crucial Questions To Ask When You Are Buying A Gun In Pennsylvania

    8 June 2016

    Although the second amendment to the United States Constitution gives Americans the right to bear arms, it is often surprising to learn how many restrictions there are on that ability. While there are some federal requirements about purchasing, owning, and selling certain types of guns, you will also find that there are federal laws that will similarly impact your options. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing any type of gun in the state of Pennsylvania, it is a good idea to be aware of the following information.

  • Seven Good Reasons For Choosing A Boat With An Outboard Motor

    11 May 2016

    If you're in the market for a boat this season, you're likely debating whether to choose a craft with an inboard or outboard motor. While both have their advantages, there are number of good reasons to opt for a boat with an outboard motor, not the left of which is the lower price. Advantages to an outboard boat motor 1. Price. Boats with outboard motors are often less expensive than comparable craft with inboard motors.

  • How Safe Is Skydiving?

    4 May 2016

    Skydiving is a sport of choice for thrill seekers, but it can also seem scary to the uninitiated. That's not surprising considering that skydivers jump from an airplane that's 13,000 feet in the air or higher. Once in the air, they fall at a speed of about 110 miles per hour, which comes out to a drop of about 500 feet every 3 seconds before the parachute opens. Once the parachute deploys, skydivers get to enjoy the view from the air as they drift like a colorful feather in the sky.

  • Tips To Help Your Child Prevent Being Homesick At Summer Camp

    8 April 2016

    Heading off to summer camp is an exciting time for any youngster, as he or she will soon have the ability to make new friends, enjoy time in the outdoors and be exposed to a variety of things not found in everyday life. While your child might be eagerly anticipating the upcoming summer camp experience, there's also a chance that he or she could develop a bout of homesickness -- especially if the child hasn't spent much time away from home.

  • Are Smart Motorcycle Helmets The Smart Choice For You?

    15 February 2016

    If you're constantly looking for the safest and best helmets to use when riding your motorcycle, the introduction of smart motorcycle helmets may have been one of the best events of your life -- or not. Smart motorcycle helmets, like any gadget, are beneficial for some but pointless for others. Here are three things to consider when deciding whether to buy a smart helmet. Added Awareness Smart helmets often incorporate features like GPS and rear-view cameras, offering you added awareness of what's going on around you.